Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

First of all I want to wish everyone the happiest Valentines Day ever! My husband and I are celebrating our 18th Valentine's Day. We don't go all out and buy each other gifts, candies, bears, or flowers. Not saying that the romance has died or anything like that, just that we are not big on the commercialism of holidays. My gift to my husband is letting him watch the Daytona 500 uninterupted. I get to watch my Foodnetwork programs in the other room uninterupted as well. I did start our day off with a little bit of romance by fixing his favorite breakfast. I made cute little heart shaped cut outs in the bread and then cracked eggs into the holes. The bread and eggs sizzled in butter over medium heat until the bread was golden brown and the egg was cooked to over medium, whites set and yolk still soft. Easy peasy and oh so good!!

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